Living standards were raised and very new merits were defined in the mist of early 2000, when suddenly lifestyles of the regulars started catching up with the 1% of riches in larger leaps. We all witnessed those years ’03-04-05-06 until 08′ where norms changed to the highend new order of living. Then came the big bang reality of bubbles bursts, market crashes and governments liquidity injections. The markets never revisited the fundamentals of correcting their ledgers and fixing the real book values. The world just contained the enigma of fake dreams by offering back to back cash liquidity to the failed houses in order to mirage the facts. The gaps of actual economics remained the same between what YOU really worth and what you told to ASSUME.

This catch #22 caught us all with some real side effects of INFLATION & DEFLATION. Greed of sustaining the wrongs continued and here WE stand today in ‘2016’ where markets kicked off its celebrations with the fear of demand and supply while we all were told ‘fears are mere lies of the unsuccessful’. The advance markets are already on a selling spree and the BIG Kahuna is right across the corner (as per the market think tanks) i.e. the deep recession. The value of oil is getting cheaper than refining H2O and when everyone in the bracket of those 1% sells, then where are the remaining 99% of those buyers!

The dark side of this glitzy cycle remains constantly in a tampering loop of false checks.

The world needs to revisit the errors and the corrections are pending since 2006.

You just cannot keep going the wrong way.









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The Matrix of BlackGold!

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It all started making sense when the price of barrel started tumbling in the global energy exchange markets. The stats started rolling into the equations that once seemed unknown to the pundits who defined the very territories of greed and inflation. The emerging economies remained at the forefront of game changers for a lot longer then what we all expected,  due to demand & supply of the black gold “oil is the conventional term”.

The matrix of currencies ‘€$£¥’ narrated the very fate of classes who suffered maintaining lifestyles that are built on fragile economics of shallow societies. Mainstream masses became the victims on regular intervals due to the trade deficits of markets in other trading zones. Globalization has integrated into the balancesheets of every economy, which in return has staggering side effects of viral in nature. The tune of $30-$40 a barrel of oil is the benchmark in reversing the man-made hunger on this planet. Poor nations became the victims of cartels, making the development in those countries a distant reality.

The foreseeable future embeds the thoughts of recovery to the damages we collectively made under the pretext of profits, profits that defined the gaps in rich and poor over a long period of time. On a decent math note, last 15 years or so were the most unfair of all for the underdeveloped.

It’s about time the markets remain realistically correct to balance the undone.

In the end, when the supply is overwhelming in the oil market, the future remains perfect in the underdeveloped world. Stacking up the numbers only defines uncertainty.

Let’s do the barrels balance.


As per my previous analytical study on Russian agricultural dominance and potential capabilities, the world can be looking at Russia in hunger few years down the calendar lines. Due to its sheer land mass and naturally attractive farming environment, it is the incumbent player by all means.

The globalisation has turned the countries with emerging markets and new business more vulnerable to food and water shortages than its lead masters. Agriculture is the most endangered business vertical due to systematic negligence and greed of emerging economies. Economies in Asia/Africa and the Middle East are completely busy in infrastructure transformation and urbanisation, and because there was no serious planning on agriculture, many of these continental zones have lost their status quo.

Russia will be the worlds food outlet, unless your government defines some serious agricultural reforms and work tirelessly to control the damage.

Preserve your hunger, eat less and you will need less.


It’s the 23rd day of deaths and destruction in the occupied lands of Palestine,  it’s the 23rd day of the frozen summer where world powers kept the warmth of peace in their diplomatic bunkers, It’s the 23rd day of a brand new holocaust of Muslims, It’s the 23rd day of mideast mass genocide and ethnic cleansing, It’s the 23rd day of human ignorance/silence and impotency, it’s the 23rd day of collateral damages of humanity, it’s the 23rd day of hunger games and survival, it’s the 23rd of gross shame and mass failure and it is the day once again we lived watching Israeli crimes against humanity.

Where do we stand today? To be honest, we never moved!

The global muscle machine is replenishing Israeli arsenal for the continuation of these mass murders of childrens and the innocent civilians. The western empires are as silent as the calm before the storm. The human rights trend setters are as transparent as a black onyx in the moonless night. The UN body seemed as helpless as a hungry child. Faith and humanity is still alive and I can’t be mislead on that intuition.

People of Gaza need your voice and support, and they are calling all global citizens supporting humanity, that they have been forever deprived of basic human rights and now dignity has called them back for freedom, peace and their right of self determination.

Your conscious is as vital as oxyen to planet earth and your ignorance to human rights is as lethal as armageddon.


The metaphoric consensus surrounding us is overwhelmingly beyond apprehension. The tide of accepting ignorance is mind boggling in today’s world. We learnt to behave with the negativity we all live in, and gauged our personalities to blend with the wrong situations.

As in the recent past, we experienced a new benchmark in evil lifestyle, where young school girls in Africa were kidnapped under the darkness of humanity, and nothing concretely emerged to rectify the wrongs. The world we live in moved swiftly to the next levels of other engagements after completing their shabby duty of getting famous in the social media supporting the banner of #bringbackourgirls.

The poor governance is the norm and the tuaregs of Africa are playing with the lives of normal life seekers. World leaders need to set new priorities in tasks tackling matrix of crisis management, else the phenomenal virus (the thugs) is ought to set new trends in playing with African way of life at large.

The doomed flight MH370 is another such subject, where we all as world nations were fame hungry, and were one step ahead in the glamour spotlights by sharing resources in searching of the aircraft, and suddenly we moved on and left the topic for national geography documentaries.

Russian muscle in the neighborhood and the Syrian genocide are the other such ignored agendas we phased out, while we completely overlooked the Venezuelan uprising and the fate of Afghans post US withdrawal.

Humanity needs peace and the full stop needs to be redefined!

What is Life?

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As I walked many circles of life searching the equator of success, I ended up discovering what we all seek in this life is really not what we desire, but rather we live in the illusion of a greater fusion, where passion blends with the larger equations of dreams and fantasies. The amounts of translations we create in our conscious are the true essence of our reflections. We frame life in different verticals of passive glamour, where intuitions become the very foundation of hope, and that is where we ignore the originality of greed and gross lust.

From the very moment we come into this world on to the progressive cycle till our NOW, we excavate only the unknown’s while the known remains untouched.

The whole process of curiosity is a genome embedded in a simple human DNA taking rounds to trigger the new cycles of quest. Human race is gentically inclined towards the positive hunger of fame and chaos. Time after time, back in the integrated integers of generations, life ended up empty and shallow for the spark chasers. Not many cycles ago, quests and queries narrative changed, but the ecos remained the same rebounding reflexes; what is LIFE?

Dont chase Life, Life chase YOU!


I am the meteor with glazing speed traveling light years ahead of human tendencies, I am the sunlight with cold chills warming the shadows of lost souls, I am the new enigma of this enigmatic flow, streaming flawlessly in the search of footsteps, footsteps that trace back to originality, originality that came to me as a gift in the shape of faith, and in oneness of him through his messenger, the blessing for all mankind, the Prophet of prophecies, Muhammed P.B.U.H.

I cherish the purity of our prophet, his clarity to the followers of Allah’s religion, and the unity he defined till the day of judgement.

Transformation came to me from Allah, no one influenced the change in my conscious, the dependability on his directions, and the belief I live in. The beauty of change is fragranced with the hope to meet my creator on the day, when all will stand firm in the assembly of fate.

I live to follow the path, each day, everyday and I assure you, its fulfilling beyond translations.


How on earth such a mega abductions scheme successfully took its path and the whole world is left with hashtaging?

This is how fragile societies has become, where human values are balanced through few social media campaigns. The leadership on this planet is becoming more stagnant towards “mind OUR own business” and the very essence of humanity is left to the poors in the loop of nomadic survival.

The poorest of the continental Africa are paying the price of global ignorance and the so called arrogance. We raise hell fire for the rights of individuals, if they are one of us, but when it comes to the forgotten continent, then we do our best to support #tags.

Wake up people, this is happening as you read this writeup. Someone is just getting killed or being abducted for no reason or merit. Its our petition that will end the anabolic evil in Africa.

Bring back our girls!

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Not very long ago Ukraine emerged as the chaotic neighbor of the sleeping giant struggling to survive the winters of recession and economic isolation due to the great fall of the bubbled capitalism. Its western neighborhood never nodded for the economic facilitation and energy support due to Ukrainian failed book keepings and constant defaults.

Russian President Putin stood by its democratically elected counterpart Ukrainian President and vouched for shoring up Kievs concerns with a anobolic pipeline of 15 billion USD, which sent grand shivers and sound bites in the aisles of Brussels corridors on a stratigically missed opportunity.

To gain from the missed opportunity, some elements in the EU started supporting the 1 square mile opposition minority in Kiev through monopolistic mass media and prime time coverage. The Ukrainian President left the country to survive the ill planned conspiracy against his government and his presidency. As the World is the witness of this whole episode, nothing was much hidden to Judge the Russian roulette as a backlash on the mob occupying government in Kiev unconstitutionally.

Russia played its iconic leadership till date by defying the odds of western sanctions which are no more than bullying the right. Its time the World is calibrated with the Russian might in its principle entirety.

It’s history in making and hands down its the NEW WORLD ORDER!