and the value never was the same!

ValueAs we all evolved from the ashes of global economic turmoil (2007 bubble burst), one tend to differ on the sense that the world will ever come back to its bubbled years.

The past was full of fusion between dreams and illusion of new lifestyle. We all started to believe the new NEW in standards of life.

The ideology of growth was peddled through different forms of media hype, where dreams were sold in the shells of facts.

The global capitalism agenda was the benchmark in defining new world order. The cocoon couldn’t sustain the shocks of on ground reality and the big bang was felt across integrated continents.

The world is drifting more into the ripple and the new dawn of facts is far fetched at this point in time. One gets baffled with the ignorance blender that we are all in.

My point through this rounded blog is, what is the value of todays currency? and how much can be too much?


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