The Arabian Phenomenon


I promise I have seen it all.

Not very long ago, I started witnessing a very anabolic infrastructure development in a tiny city across the straights of hormouz in the persian gulf, call “Dubai – DXB”.

From nowhere on the world map back in the early 90’s, Dubai became the very essence of luxury and brand in itself. From a single stretch of arabian silk road ‘Sheikh Zayed Road’, the city evolved like no other in the arabian hemisphere.

The destination to the largest malls, man made islands, largest deep water ports, largest airports, ever expanding airlines, tallest towers, mega hotels, richest horse races, best golf courses, best luxury money can buy and the list goes on.

Dubai became the new phenomenon for explorers and adventure seekers. Its a paradise for architects where they narrate their imaginations into reality.

The visionary Sheikh Mohammad is the backbone of a strategy that this generation has witnessed. His brilliance is unchallenged, without a doubt. The history in making is still in progress and the roadmap is never ending.

Dubai is the future of Arabian innovation and as I said, I am the witness of this developmental milestone.

In short, go discover the center of NOW!


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