Freestyle horsepower on the roll?

Yes you read it right, I totally meant it in a literal sense ‘freestyle’.

The road rage is dragging innocent drivers on the right shoulders (emergency lane on the extreme right) of freeways in the state of Kuwait. The hypothermic chills one gets, while looking in the rear view mirror by encountering some camaro/charger/corvette/challenger/porsche/silverado/yukon/tahoe/escalade/small time twin cabins pick up trucks/superbikes/super cars etc will appear criss crossing between bumpers, just to show the muscle of their raw skills by endangering the life of known strangers “fellow drivers”.

The whole thing is turning into a nightmare by looking at an ever increasing gridlocked roads and the amateur potential to show their talent.

The general traffic dept should put an end to this phenomena.

In short, I term the whole thing as an attempted murder, when the other driver is just driving safely to his intended destination.

For donuts and burning rubbers, the crazy guzzlers should head to the desert or the dedicated rings.

Spread the writeup for road safety and saving innocent lives.

Stay safe and do buckle up before you peddle the gas.


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