Another Chapter!


This morning when I was working in my office, I received a call from back home (home where my parents live currently) that they are in a serious condition and I should travel immediately to catch up with their health status.
I called up few contacts to arrange my ticket in essence I travel immediately. I was lucky to get booked on a flight that was ‘all empty’. An airbus 310 of PIA is the carrier that carried my weight and landed me in the city of Sialkot on the eastern border of Pakistan, adjacent to the Indian border (Jammu).
When I said empty, I meant the travel agent showed me, how difficult it is for him to obtain a seat, since the flight is locked due to no space (the usual tactic of all airlines to make money out of you) and the agent even recommended that, I should purchase a business class ticket and that too were limited, since all flight was sold. How pathetic that could get, when you pay 30% more charge and you count 25 or 28 passengers in the whole aircraft where almost 200 or more seats were vacant?
I reached home safely and now im following up with my parents weak health and doctors advise. By the grace of Allah they will recover soon, Ameen.
I will soon write another chapter on how airlines play crook with YOU!

Stay safe till then:)


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