Digitally Fading!


Born in the early 70’s, i am lucky to have lived the era of still photography at its peak.

Back then, it was the texture of daily life and a definite ritual to capture moments of basic importance through camera film roles, with an urge of finding its results through studio labs “the end result- developed photographs”. We grew with the trend of looking inside the albums of our families, where moments of old times narrated life cycle and the transition we succeeded.

As time passed, technology evolved and several new trends benchmarked in the loop of photography and the bookkeeping of digital archives. The innovation we live now seems never ending; with smartphones holding the digital zooms and terabytes storage of those captures stored into nano chips.

I enjoyed the times when photographs were part of life through negatives, unlike now where we casually click a moment through cell phones and delete those moments as the SD cards are overloaded.

Are we digitally fading our past where history can no longer be recapped?


One thought on “Digitally Fading!

  1. I share your bitterness, and I have to admit that you put the finger where it hurts as the example of the photograph you mention is only the tree that hides the forest. At an era in which we witness the triumph of the image and the instantaneous, fast-food and fast-thinking, where nothing makes sense anymore, we find it hard to admit the sad reality that it’s the time of consumption par excellence, and not of conservation. A logical and natural mutation we might say, what makes us brainless and emotionless consumers . We simply consume everything with no taste including our moments of happiness that we used to cherish back in time because we knew their value.
    But nowaydays, is the value of things itself that suddenly disappear and lose its luster and it includes almost every aspects of our life : Twitterature became a substitute for literature, e-book library and replaces the smell of books, and photography is dethroned by an insignificant click stored by thousands or simply deleted the first misuse. This was a time when the children of my generation were playing in the backyard, they now play in front of a screen, where the word family had a sense, today we communicate through Skype and merely write a Fb status to wish happy birthday to family members. Everything is fading away, everything is deteriorating and unfortunately this is called evolution when it should be called “degradation”.
    You do the mourning of the photography, I cry the literature, art, gastronomy and good old values. What time do we want to keep forever as eternal memories, when the times we are living in these days are emptied of meaning and enroll us in spite of ourselves in a mechanical to which we can escape only by erasing the traces. Why would you keep the remains of a false happiness, not to mention a false life? I just feel sorry for the generations to come when no one will care about the past and where short-videos will sadly replace the history books.

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