The Calibration of Russian Might


Not very long ago Ukraine emerged as the chaotic neighbor of the sleeping giant struggling to survive the winters of recession and economic isolation due to the great fall of the bubbled capitalism. Its western neighborhood never nodded for the economic facilitation and energy support due to Ukrainian failed book keepings and constant defaults.

Russian President Putin stood by its democratically elected counterpart Ukrainian President and vouched for shoring up Kievs concerns with a anobolic pipeline of 15 billion USD, which sent grand shivers and sound bites in the aisles of Brussels corridors on a stratigically missed opportunity.

To gain from the missed opportunity, some elements in the EU started supporting the 1 square mile opposition minority in Kiev through monopolistic mass media and prime time coverage. The Ukrainian President left the country to survive the ill planned conspiracy against his government and his presidency. As the World is the witness of this whole episode, nothing was much hidden to Judge the Russian roulette as a backlash on the mob occupying government in Kiev unconstitutionally.

Russia played its iconic leadership till date by defying the odds of western sanctions which are no more than bullying the right. Its time the World is calibrated with the Russian might in its principle entirety.

It’s history in making and hands down its the NEW WORLD ORDER!


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