The Enigmatic Touch!


I am the meteor with glazing speed traveling light years ahead of human tendencies, I am the sunlight with cold chills warming the shadows of lost souls, I am the new enigma of this enigmatic flow, streaming flawlessly in the search of footsteps, footsteps that trace back to originality, originality that came to me as a gift in the shape of faith, and in oneness of him through his messenger, the blessing for all mankind, the Prophet of prophecies, Muhammed P.B.U.H.

I cherish the purity of our prophet, his clarity to the followers of Allah’s religion, and the unity he defined till the day of judgement.

Transformation came to me from Allah, no one influenced the change in my conscious, the dependability on his directions, and the belief I live in. The beauty of change is fragranced with the hope to meet my creator on the day, when all will stand firm in the assembly of fate.

I live to follow the path, each day, everyday and I assure you, its fulfilling beyond translations.


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