What is Life?


As I walked many circles of life searching the equator of success, I ended up discovering what we all seek in this life is really not what we desire, but rather we live in the illusion of a greater fusion, where passion blends with the larger equations of dreams and fantasies. The amounts of translations we create in our conscious are the true essence of our reflections. We frame life in different verticals of passive glamour, where intuitions become the very foundation of hope, and that is where we ignore the originality of greed and gross lust.

From the very moment we come into this world on to the progressive cycle till our NOW, we excavate only the unknown’s while the known remains untouched.

The whole process of curiosity is a genome embedded in a simple human DNA taking rounds to trigger the new cycles of quest. Human race is gentically inclined towards the positive hunger of fame and chaos. Time after time, back in the integrated integers of generations, life ended up empty and shallow for the spark chasers. Not many cycles ago, quests and queries narrative changed, but the ecos remained the same rebounding reflexes; what is LIFE?

Dont chase Life, Life chase YOU!


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