The Cocktail Factor!

The metaphoric consensus surrounding us is overwhelmingly beyond apprehension. The tide of accepting ignorance is mind boggling in today’s world. We learnt to behave with the negativity we all live in, and gauged our personalities to blend with the wrong situations.

As in the recent past, we experienced a new benchmark in evil lifestyle, where young school girls in Africa were kidnapped under the darkness of humanity, and nothing concretely emerged to rectify the wrongs. The world we live in moved swiftly to the next levels of other engagements after completing their shabby duty of getting famous in the social media supporting the banner of #bringbackourgirls.

The poor governance is the norm and the tuaregs of Africa are playing with the lives of normal life seekers. World leaders need to set new priorities in tasks tackling matrix of crisis management, else the phenomenal virus (the thugs) is ought to set new trends in playing with African way of life at large.

The doomed flight MH370 is another such subject, where we all as world nations were fame hungry, and were one step ahead in the glamour spotlights by sharing resources in searching of the aircraft, and suddenly we moved on and left the topic for national geography documentaries.

Russian muscle in the neighborhood and the Syrian genocide are the other such ignored agendas we phased out, while we completely overlooked the Venezuelan uprising and the fate of Afghans post US withdrawal.

Humanity needs peace and the full stop needs to be redefined!


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