The Prisoners of Free World


It’s the 23rd day of deaths and destruction in the occupied lands of Palestine,  it’s the 23rd day of the frozen summer where world powers kept the warmth of peace in their diplomatic bunkers, It’s the 23rd day of a brand new holocaust of Muslims, It’s the 23rd day of mideast mass genocide and ethnic cleansing, It’s the 23rd day of human ignorance/silence and impotency, it’s the 23rd day of collateral damages of humanity, it’s the 23rd day of hunger games and survival, it’s the 23rd of gross shame and mass failure and it is the day once again we lived watching Israeli crimes against humanity.

Where do we stand today? To be honest, we never moved!

The global muscle machine is replenishing Israeli arsenal for the continuation of these mass murders of childrens and the innocent civilians. The western empires are as silent as the calm before the storm. The human rights trend setters are as transparent as a black onyx in the moonless night. The UN body seemed as helpless as a hungry child. Faith and humanity is still alive and I can’t be mislead on that intuition.

People of Gaza need your voice and support, and they are calling all global citizens supporting humanity, that they have been forever deprived of basic human rights and now dignity has called them back for freedom, peace and their right of self determination.

Your conscious is as vital as oxyen to planet earth and your ignorance to human rights is as lethal as armageddon.



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