The Matrix of BlackGold!


It all started making sense when the price of barrel started tumbling in the global energy exchange markets. The stats started rolling into the equations that once seemed unknown to the pundits who defined the very territories of greed and inflation. The emerging economies remained at the forefront of game changers for a lot longer then what we all expected,  due to demand & supply of the black gold “oil is the conventional term”.

The matrix of currencies ‘€$£¥’ narrated the very fate of classes who suffered maintaining lifestyles that are built on fragile economics of shallow societies. Mainstream masses became the victims on regular intervals due to the trade deficits of markets in other trading zones. Globalization has integrated into the balancesheets of every economy, which in return has staggering side effects of viral in nature. The tune of $30-$40 a barrel of oil is the benchmark in reversing the man-made hunger on this planet. Poor nations became the victims of cartels, making the development in those countries a distant reality.

The foreseeable future embeds the thoughts of recovery to the damages we collectively made under the pretext of profits, profits that defined the gaps in rich and poor over a long period of time. On a decent math note, last 15 years or so were the most unfair of all for the underdeveloped.

It’s about time the markets remain realistically correct to balance the undone.

In the end, when the supply is overwhelming in the oil market, the future remains perfect in the underdeveloped world. Stacking up the numbers only defines uncertainty.

Let’s do the barrels balance.


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