The Rogue Might…


Living standards were raised and very new merits were defined in the mist of early 2000, when suddenly lifestyles of the regulars started catching up with the 1% of riches in larger leaps. We all witnessed those years ’03-04-05-06 until 08′ where norms changed to the highend new order of living. Then came the big bang reality of bubbles bursts, market crashes and governments liquidity injections. The markets never revisited the fundamentals of correcting their ledgers and fixing the real book values. The world just contained the enigma of fake dreams by offering back to back cash liquidity to the failed houses in order to mirage the facts. The gaps of actual economics remained the same between what YOU really worth and what you told to ASSUME.

This catch #22 caught us all with some real side effects of INFLATION & DEFLATION. Greed of sustaining the wrongs continued and here WE stand today in ‘2016’ where markets kicked off its celebrations with the fear of demand and supply while we all were told ‘fears are mere lies of the unsuccessful’. The advance markets are already on a selling spree and the BIG Kahuna is right across the corner (as per the market think tanks) i.e. the deep recession. The value of oil is getting cheaper than refining H2O and when everyone in the bracket of those 1% sells, then where are the remaining 99% of those buyers!

The dark side of this glitzy cycle remains constantly in a tampering loop of false checks.

The world needs to revisit the errors and the corrections are pending since 2006.

You just cannot keep going the wrong way.


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