Coming back…

Opinion Box: It took awhile to overcome the longest pause in sharing the beans of thought with all the avid logics out there… I assure continuity hereon to renarrate the very essence of imperatives. PS. I am only responsible for what i say, not for what you understand. HB

The Matrix of BlackGold!

It all started making sense when the price of barrel started tumbling in the global energy exchange markets. The stats started rolling into the equations that once seemed unknown to the pundits who defined the very territories of greed and inflation. The emerging economies remained at the forefront of game changers for a lot longer […]


Food For Your Thought!

As per my previous analytical study on Russian agricultural dominance and potential capabilities, the world can be looking at Russia in hunger few years down the calendar lines. Due to its sheer land mass and naturally attractive farming environment, it is the incumbent player by all means. The globalisation has turned the countries with emerging […]

The Prisoners of Free World

It’s the 23rd day of deaths and destruction in the occupied lands of Palestine,  it’s the 23rd day of the frozen summer where world powers kept the warmth of peace in their diplomatic bunkers, It’s the 23rd day of a brand new holocaust of Muslims, It’s the 23rd day of mideast mass genocide and ethnic […]

The Cocktail Factor!

The metaphoric consensus surrounding us is overwhelmingly beyond apprehension. The tide of accepting ignorance is mind boggling in today‚Äôs world. We learnt to behave with the negativity we all live in, and gauged our personalities to blend with the wrong situations. As in the recent past, we experienced a new benchmark in evil lifestyle, where […]

What is Life?

As I walked many circles of life searching the equator of success, I ended up discovering what we all seek in this life is really not what we desire, but rather we live in the illusion of a greater fusion, where passion blends with the larger equations of dreams and fantasies. The amounts of translations […]

The Enigmatic Touch!

I am the meteor with glazing speed traveling light years ahead of human tendencies, I am the sunlight with cold chills warming the shadows of lost souls, I am the new enigma of this enigmatic flow, streaming flawlessly in the search of footsteps, footsteps that trace back to originality, originality that came to me as […]


How on earth such a mega abductions scheme successfully took its path and the whole world is left with hashtaging? This is how fragile societies has become, where human values are balanced through few social media campaigns. The leadership on this planet is becoming more stagnant towards “mind OUR own business” and the very essence […]

The Geometrical Fall?

Yes you have read it right. The very essence of a not very old economic eclipse in the circle of giants, another Asian myth joined the club of ‘G’s and that Asian like its predecessor is India. The G club in elaboration is G20. India like its northern neighbour China was also not a stranger […]