The Enigmatic Touch!

I am the meteor with glazing speed traveling light years ahead of human tendencies, I am the sunlight with cold chills warming the shadows of lost souls, I am the new enigma of this enigmatic flow, streaming flawlessly in the search of footsteps, footsteps that trace back to originality, originality that came to me as […]


How on earth such a mega abductions scheme successfully took its path and the whole world is left with hashtaging? This is how fragile societies has become, where human values are balanced through few social media campaigns. The leadership on this planet is becoming more stagnant towards “mind OUR own business” and the very essence […]

The Calibration of Russian Might

Not very long ago Ukraine emerged as the chaotic neighbor of the sleeping giant struggling to survive the winters of recession and economic isolation due to the great fall of the bubbled capitalism. Its western neighborhood never nodded for the economic facilitation and energy support due to Ukrainian failed book keepings and constant defaults. Russian […]

The Geometrical Fall?

Yes you have read it right. The very essence of a not very old economic eclipse in the circle of giants, another Asian myth joined the club of ‘G’s and that Asian like its predecessor is India. The G club in elaboration is G20. India like its northern neighbour China was also not a stranger […]

Digitally Fading!

Born in the early 70’s, i am lucky to have lived the era of still photography at its peak. Back then, it was the texture of daily life and a definite ritual to capture moments of basic importance through camera film roles, with an urge of finding its results through studio labs “the end result- […]

Pakistan and the hope of unplanned change!

It’s so annoying to watch pak channels day in day out showing nothing but ill fate of Pakistan. Not a day goes by when there isnt an incident of terror in any part of Pakistan.  The talk shows are non productive from the grass root level till up. On the other hand nations in the […]

In the line of duty 112!

After a fairly long nightmare, the law is applied with full gear and the roads are more visible like highways. The road rage has almost came to an end with the careful yet productive campaign in progress by the ministry of interior-Kuwait. The traffic violations were X-treme and the roads were becoming home to racing […]