Digitally Fading!

Born in the early 70’s, i am lucky to have lived the era of still photography at its peak. Back then, it was the texture of daily life and a definite ritual to capture moments of basic importance through camera film roles, with an urge of finding its results through studio labs “the end result- […]


Pakistan and the hope of unplanned change!

It’s so annoying to watch pak channels day in day out showing nothing but ill fate of Pakistan. Not a day goes by when there isnt an incident of terror in any part of Pakistan.  The talk shows are non productive from the grass root level till up. On the other hand nations in the […]

In the line of duty 112!

After a fairly long nightmare, the law is applied with full gear and the roads are more visible like highways. The road rage has almost came to an end with the careful yet productive campaign in progress by the ministry of interior-Kuwait. The traffic violations were X-treme and the roads were becoming home to racing […]

Another Chapter!

This morning when I was working in my office, I received a call from back home (home where my parents live currently) that they are in a serious condition and I should travel immediately to catch up with their health status. I called up few contacts to arrange my ticket in essence I travel immediately. […]

Freestyle horsepower on the roll?

Yes you read it right, I totally meant it in a literal sense ‘freestyle’. The road rage is dragging innocent drivers on the right shoulders (emergency lane on the extreme right) of freeways in the state of Kuwait. The hypothermic chills one gets, while looking in the rear view mirror by encountering some camaro/charger/corvette/challenger/porsche/silverado/yukon/tahoe/escalade/small time […]

The Arabian Phenomenon

I promise I have seen it all. Not very long ago, I started witnessing a very anabolic infrastructure development in a tiny city across the straights of hormouz in the persian gulf, call “Dubai – DXB”. From nowhere on the world map back in the early 90’s, Dubai became the very essence of luxury and […]

Staying anonymous online?

& you think you’re anonymous online? The very founding project of the www, which YOU never realize is that, you’re all over the grid of security blinks from the time you link your device (any product that connects you with the virtual world-cyber life) with an internet connection. Social media, search engines, random browsing, queries; […]

Da 12th factor?

Da calendar will mirror on the 12th day of the 12th month of the year 2012. The alignment is enormous and the vibe is exceptional all around the globe. Just imagine this is the last time ever you will be witnessing such a mamoth alignment. Its a lifetime event on the gregorian table. No human […]